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A cutting from the lower border of a manuscript (Johann Plaecsaert, artist)

Sarah Bassett

Sarah Bassett Associate Professor, Department of Art History
Director of Graduate Studies
Adjunct Associate Professor of Classical Studies
Core Faculty Ancient Studies
Core Faculty Medieval Studies
Affiliate: Russian and East European Institute

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Office hours: Mondays 1:30 p.m.- 2:30 p.m. and by appointment


Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College, 1985
M.A. University of Chicago, 1980
B.A. Smith College, 1976

Research Interests

  • late antique, early medieval and Byzantine aesthetics
  • late antique portraiture
  • early Christian icons
  • the reception of the classical past in late antiquity and the Byzantine middle ages
  • late antique and early medieval urbanism

Selected Publications


Sarah Bassett
  • The Urban Image of Late Antique Constantinople (Cambridge University Press, 2004)


  • "The Late Antique Image of Menander," Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 48 (2008): 201-25.
  • "Style and Meaning in the Imperiall Panels at San Vitale" Artibus et Historiae 57 (2008): 49-57.
  • "'Excellent offerings': the Lausos Collection in Constantinople," Art Bulletin, 72 (2000): 6-2.
  • "Historiae custos: sculpture and tradition in the Baths of Zeuxippos, "American Journal of Archaeology, 100 (1996) 491-506.
  • "Antiquities in the Hippodrome of Constantinople, " Dumbarton Oaks Papers 45 (1992) 82-9.

Honors and Awards

  • Member Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
  • Fellow, American Research Institute in Turkey
  • Fellow, Byzantine Studies, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
  • Fellow, National Endowment for the Humanities

Courses taught

  • Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Art (A101)
  • Problems in Byzantine Art (A626)
  • Topics in Medieval Art: Art & Architecture in the 6th Century (A329)
  • Byzantine Art (A425)
  • Survey of Medieval Art (A226)
  • Problems in Early Christian Art (A621)
  • Early Medieval Art (A321)
  • Early Christian Art (A421)

Department of Art History
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Phone: 812-855-9390
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