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Herman Moll

Ph.D. Degree

The Ph.D. curriculum allows students to refine their knowledge of their respective fields while mastering advanced research methods. To these ends the Ph.D. program offers courses in the following areas: Ancient Greek and Roman, Late Antique and Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque, Modern European and American, Contemporary, Asian, Islamic, and African/Oceanic/Pre-Columbian.


  • Course work of 90 credit hours distributed among one major and two minor fields, electives, reading and research study as follows:
    • Major Area: 28 credit hours
    • Minor I: 16 credit hours
    • Minor II: 12 credit hours
    • Electives: 18 credit hours
    • Research: 16 credit hours

Specific requirements in the major field are determined by the faculty advisor in that field in consultation with the student. The first minor, or “inside” minor, is taken in another field within the department. The second minor may be taken within the department or, with the approval of the major advisor, as an “outside” minor in another department or program. In such a case students are to satisfy the requirements for the outside minor in accordance with the definition of that department or program. If there are no established requirements, students will take 12 hours of graduate level courses. Elective courses are chosen in consultation with the Ph.D. advisor.

  • Reading proficiency in two foreign languages
  • Qualifying exams
  • Dissertation
  • Electornic consignment of final dissertation copy

Time Limits: Ph.D. students have seven years to complete all coursework and the Qualifying Examinations. After the Qualifying Examinations have been passed, a student has an additional seven years to complete the Ph.D. dissertation.

* as of 2016-17

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