Interdisciplinary Curatorship M.A. + Ph.D. Minor

Interdisciplinary Curatorship M.A.

IU’s interdisciplinary M.A. in Curatorship offers valuable skills for students who are ready to research, interpret, and share the objects and images of human culture—and to apply those skills to the cultural, environmental, and social challenges of the future.

Rooted in IU Bloomington’s rich holdings, including the renowned Lilly Library, Eskenazi Museum of Art, the IU Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, and more than 50 other unique campus collections, the Curatorship M.A. grounds motivated graduate students in an IU discipline of their choice—from Librarianship, Informatics, and Arts Administration to Art History, Anthropology, History, and Folklore—alongside real work experience, carried out under the supervision of IUB’s expert curators and archivists.

Curatorship Ph.D. minor

Are you already enrolled in an IU doctoral program? You can earn an outside Ph.D. minor in our interdisciplinary Curatorship program.

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