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Funding Opportunities

A variety of funding sources help to support students. These include internal resources at the departmental and university level.

Departmental Funding

Major support for students comes in the form of Associate Instructor (AI) and Graduate Assistant (GA) positions. Associate Instructors may work as teaching assistants to faculty in large survey courses, or they may be the instructor of record for certain introductory courses. GAs assist with grading and aspects of course administration. Both AI and GA positions offer a monthly stipend, tuition remission and health insurance.

All Ph.D. students accepted to the program are offered a five-year support package that generally includes an unencumbered recruitment fellowship with a living stipend, tuition remission and health insurance coverage in the first year, and four further years in AI or GA positions.

M.A. students may also be funded for up to two years through AI or GA positions that offer stipends, tuition remission and health insurance.

Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art

The IU Eskenazi Museum of Art also awards a number of Graduate Assistant positions, which offer stipends, tuition remission and health insurance. See the museum website and, for more detailed information on available assistantships and fellowships, contact Christopher Nunn, the museum's Andrew W. Mellon and Anthony J. Moravec University Experiences Manager, by phone at (812) 855-7727 or by email (

University Graduate School

The Graduate School offers a range of funding opportunities. These include not only fellowships and awards, but also Student Academic Appointments. See the Academics and Research section of the University Graduate School site for more information. Additionally, the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs offers Enhancement Grants and Summer Pre-Dissertation Travel Grants.

Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowships

For students needing to learn languages deemed strategically important to U.S. government interests, funding is available in the form of Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) grants.

External funding resources

The Department encourages students to apply for research grants in national and international competition. External resources include, but are not limited to the following:

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