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Herman Moll

M.A. Degree

The M.A. is offered either as a terminal degree or as part of an M.A./Ph.D. degree. In either case the M.A. curriculum is designed to offer a broad background in the study of art history and the theoretical orientations of the discipline. To this end the M.A. program offers courses in the following areas: Ancient Greek and Roman, Late Antique and Byzantine, Medieval European, Renaissance and Baroque, Modern European and American, Contemporary, Asian, Islamic, and African/Oceanic/Pre-Columbian.


  • 6 courses at the 500 or 600 level in three areas, no more than two of which may be 500-level lectures: 18 CH
  • ARTH-A500 Historiography: 3 CH
  • ARTH-A510 Theory and Methods: 3 CH
  • One of the following:
    • ARTH-A595 with ARTH-A775: 6 CH
    • ARTH-A775: 6 CH
    • TOTAL: 30 CH
  • Language study represents additional coursework

    *500-level courses are lecture courses; 600-level courses are seminars. Seminars may always be used to satisfy lecture course distribution requirements.

Courses in cognate fields may be taken outside of the department, and seminars may always replace lecture courses when working through distribution requirements.

  • Master’s essay
  • Reading proficiency in one foreign language

Time Limits: The M.A. program is designed to be completed in two years. In exceptional cases Art History Master’s students may take up to five years to complete coursework and degree requirements.

* as of 2017-18

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