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Art History Major

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Students must complete at least 33 credit hours in the Art History major, including the CASE credit hour and residency requirements and the following:

Two of the following survey courses: A101, A102, A155, and A160.

Complete at least eight courses from the list below. The courses must be selected from at least four different areas and at least 18 credit hours must be at the 300-400 level, at least six of which must be at the 400 level.

Ancient Art:

ARTH-A 206 Classical Art and Archaeology
ARTH-A 210 Topics in Ancient Art
ARTH-A 214 Art and Life in Ancient Rome
ARTH-A 310 Topics in Ancient Art
ARTH-A 311 Art of the Classical Age of Greece
ARTH-A 312 Art of the Roman Empire
ARTH-A 313 Greek Pottery and Painting
ARTH-A 314 History of Greek Sculpture
ARTH-A 315 The Body in Classical Art
ARTH-A 316 Ancient Art from Alexander the Great to Augustus
ARTH-A 410 Topics in Ancient Art
ARTH-A 411 Art and Archaeology of Anatolia
ARTH-A 412 The Art and Archaeology of the Aegean
ARTH-A 413 The Art and Archaeology of Greece
ARTH-A 414 The Art and Archaeology of Rome
ARTH-A 415 Roman Painting 
ARTH-A 416 Greek Architecture 
ARTH-A 417 Roman Sculpture
ARTH-A 418 Roman Architecture

Medieval Art:

 ARTH-A 224 The Gothic Cathedral
ARTH-A 226 Envisioning the Sacred: Survey of Medieval Art
ARTH-A 321 Romans and Barbarians: Early Medieval Art
ARTH-A 322 Romanesque and Gothic Art 
ARTH-A 323 Illuminated Manuscripts in the Middle Ages: Form, Function, and Audience 
ARTH-A 326 The Golden Age of Justinian: Art in the Sixth Century Mediterranean 
ARTH-A 329 Topics in Medieval Art 
ARTH-A 421 Pagans and Christians: Christian Art in the Roman Empire 
ARTH-A 423 Romanesque Art 
ARTH-A 425 Heaven on Earth: Art and the Church in Byzantine 
ARTH-A 426 The Medieval City 

Renaissance and Baroque Art:

ARTH-A 205 Baroque Art in Europe: From Caravaggio to Rembrandt 
ARTH-A 231 The Age of Giants: Art in the Time of Leonardo and Michelangelo 
ARTH-A 233 Renaissance and Baroque Art in Italy 1250-1700 
ARTH-A 234 Renaissance Florence 
ARTH-A 303 The Art and Ideas of Eighteenth-Century Europe and America 
ARTH-A 330 Art of Renaissance and Baroque 
ARTH-A 331 Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-Century Art in Italy 
ARTH-A 332 Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Art in Southern Europe 
ARTH-A 333 From Van Eyck to Vermeer 
ARTH-A 335 Baroque Art in Italy, 1580-1700 
ARTH-A 337 Age of Rubens and Rembrandt 
ARTH-A 432 Italian Art of the Sixteenth Century 
ARTH-A 436 Italian Art of the Fifteenth Century 
ARTH-A 437 Playing with Pictures in the Fifteenth-Century Netherlands 
ARTH-A 482 Sixteenth-Century Visual Culture in Northern Europe 

Modern and Contemporary Art:

ARTH-A 203 Machine Age Modern: European Modernism, 1848-1939 
ARTH-A207 Introduction to Contemporary Art and Its Discontents, 1960 to the Present
ARTH-A 243 History of Photography: An Introduction 
ARTH-A 260 1968 and Its Material Legacies 
ARTH-A 280 The Art of Comics 
ARTH-A 282 The Art of the Comic Book 
ARTH-A 336 The Graphic Novel 
ARTH-A 340 Topics in Modern Art 
ARTH-A 341 Nineteenth-Century European Art 
ARTH-A 342 Twentieth-Century Art 
ARTH-A 345 American Art to 1913 
ARTH-A 347 Picasso 
ARTH-A 348 American Architecture 
ARTH-A 349 Dada and Surrealism 
ARTH-A 353 Art in America: 1945 to the Present 
ARTH-A 354 Contemporary Art: 1960 to the Present 
ARTH-A 428 Comics and the Art World 
ARTH-A 434 Visual Culture of the Interwar Years 
ARTH-A 440 Nineteenth-Century Painting I 
ARTH-A 441 Nineteenth-Century Painting II 
ARTH-A 442 Twentieth-Century Art, 1900–1945 
ARTH-A 443 History of Twentieth-Century Photography 
ARTH-A 445 American Art to 1860 
ARTH-A 446 American Art, 1865-1945 
ARTH-A 447 Modernism and Anti-Modernism in American Art, 1900-1945 
ARTH-A 449 Twentieth-Century Art, 1925-Present 
ARTH-A 450 History of Photography 
ARTH-A 455 Modern Architecture and Design 
ARTH-A 469 Installation Art 
ARTH-A 480 Russian Art 
ARTH-A 484 Experience/Experiment: Modern and Contemporary Intersections of Art and Science 

Islamic Art:

RTH-A 281 Introduction to Islamic Art and Visual Culture 
ARTH-A 327 Survey of Islamic Art 
ARTH-A 459 The Painted Image in the Islamic World 
ARTH-A 489 Topics in Islamic Art 

Asian Art:

ARTH-A 204 Buddha and Beyond: Keywords for the Study of East Asian Buddhist Art 
ARTH-A 262 Introduction to Japanese Art and Culture 
ARTH-A 360 Topics in East Asian Art 
ARTH-A 464 Art and Archaeology of Early China 
ARTH-A 465 Later Chinese Art 
ARTH-A 466 Early Chinese Painting 
ARTH-A 467 Later Chinese Painting

African/Oceanic/pre-Columbian Art:

ARTH-A 255 Topics in African Art History 
ARTH-A 350 Topics in African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian American Art 
ARTH-A 351 Art of the South Pacific 
ARTH-A 352 Art of Eastern and Southern Africa 
ARTH-A 355 Art, Craft, and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa 
ARTH-A 356 Art of Central Africa 
ARTH-A 452 Art of Pre-Columbian America 
ARTH-A 453 Art of Sub-Saharan Africa I: Arts of Africa's Western Sudan 
ARTH-A 454 Art of Sub-Saharan Africa II: Arts of the West African Coast 
ARTH-A 458 Topics in the Ethnographic Arts

Art Theory:

ARTH-A 276 Eye of the Beholder: Art and Perception 
ARTH-A 375 Topics in Art Theory 
ARTH-A 483 Toys and the Visual Culture of Play

Students must complete one course from the Studio/Design Practice List below:

SOAD-A 101 Creative Core: Color 
SOAD-A 102 Creative Core: Drawing 
SOAD-A 103 Creative Core: 3D Design 
SOAD-A 211 Cross-Disciplinary Workshops in Art, Design, and Merchandising 
SOAD-C 181 Design: Creative Revolution 
SOAD-C 280 Introduction to Comprehensive Design 
SOAD-D 168 Beginning Interior Architectural Design Studio 
SOAD-F 207 Fashion Studio I 
SOAD-N 110 Introduction to Studio Art for Non-Majors 
SOAD-N 130 Digital Imagery for Non-Majors 
SOAD-N 198 Introduction to Photography for Non-Majors 
SOAD-S 200 Drawing I 
SOAD-S 210 Digital Art: Survey and Practice 
SOAD-S 220 Textiles I 
SOAD-S 230 Painting I 
SOAD-S 240 Basic Printmaking Media 
SOAD-S 250 Graphic Design I 
SOAD-S 260 Ceramics I 
SOAD-S 270 Sculpture I 
SOAD-S 280 Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design I 
SOAD-S 290 Fundamentals of Photography

Students must complete the B.A. degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.


A reading knowledge of a foreign language and a minor in the humanities are recommended.

Residence Requirement

At least 18 credit hours of art history must be completed in residence on the Bloomington campus, including two courses at the 300 level and two courses at the 400 level.

Transferred Credit

Courses in art history that have been transferred to Indiana University Bloomington from another institution or campus (including overseas study at a non-IU program) will not count toward the major until they have been reviewed and approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Students should contact the Art History Undergraduate Advisor for more information.

Dual Art History & Studio Art Major


Students must meet all the requirements for both majors. Up to four art history courses can count toward both majors. A maximum of 63 credit hours in art history courses and courses in the Department of Studio Art will apply to a BA degree for students completing this dual major.

Art History Minor


Students must complete six courses in art history, with no more than two courses at the 100 level, and at least three courses (9 credit hours) at the 300 or 400 level, for a minimum of 18 credit hours. In order for these courses to count toward the minor, the student's grade must be a C- or higher. Students must complete at least three of these courses (9 credit hours) on the Bloomington campus.

* as of the fall 2017 semester

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