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Department Honors

The Honors Program in Art History gives qualifying undergraduate students an opportunity to pursue independent research in close consultation with a faculty advisor. Through their research projects and other activities, honors students develop their research and writing skills, explore issues and debates in the discipline, and experience the challenges and pleasures of advanced research. Wherever possible, the Department encourages students to work closely with objects in one of Indiana University's many collections.

The Honors Program in Art History consists of a two-course sequence during the senior year:

  • A400: Senior Seminar, which comprises an intensive examination of major disciplinary issues. Topics change from year to year, but the accent in this course is on sharpening the analytical and research skills necessary for carrying out research for the honors thesis.
  • A499: Senior Honors Thesis, which is primarily what it sounds like: course credit for the thesis project. The bulk of this course is given over to that project, which results in a research paper approximately 20 pages in length that addresses an issue or question of the student's choosing.

Requirements for Admission

Students must apply for admission to the Departmental Honors Program. Students typically apply during the spring semester of their junior year. In order to qualify, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.500 in the discipline and 3.300 overall.

In addition, to graduate with departmental honors, students must earn grades of A- or above in both A400 and A499, as well as maintain the GPAs specified above.

Please send a completed application form to Professor Julie Van Voorhis (


Please contact Professor Julie Van Voorhis, Director of Undergarduate Studies,

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