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The Department of Art History is dedicated to exploring and demonstrating the significance and meaning of art, visual experience, and their histories globally to the University and its communities through exemplary research and teaching. Our work investigates how art and visual culture engage the social world and give life to the world of human imagination in its many facets.

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Department News

Professor Michelle Facos has published Symbolist Roots of Modern Art, a volume edited with Thor J. Mednick (IU Art History PhD, 2009) and including a contribution by Department of Art History graduate student Katie Larson. More Info »

Along with Walter S. Melion and Michel Weemans, Professor Bret Rothstein has published The Anthropomorphic Lens: Anthropomorphism, Microcosmism and Analogy in Early Modern Thought and Visual Arts. More Info »

Professors Sarah Bassett, Melody Barnett Deusner, Margaret Graves and Jeffrey Saletnik are awarded fellowships from the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton; Fulbright Commission; and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. More Info »

Professor Diane Reilly has published Acta Synodi Atrebatensis, Vita Autberti, Vita Gaugerici; Varia scripta ex officina Gerardi exstantia with Steven Vanderputten. More Info »

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