Career Preparation

Passion + Preparation

We encourage our students to become broadly familiar with the field, using their years as undergraduates to make connections with others and to think about professional development in relation to the specialized skills they acquire. Art History prepares you to undertake original research, to form a point of view, and to develop your communication skills. You learn how to work with valued material objects, becoming familiar with the narratives surrounding them. You are able to place them in context, and to convey their significance to new audiences. These are transferrable skills that will serve you well in many work environments.

A great many Art History graduates go on to careers related directly to the field, becoming teachers and curators, archivists, artists, appraisers, writers, researchers, and museum administrators. As a key part of the liberal arts curriculum, Art History can also prepare you for a broad range of professions, including public relations, advertising, publishing, journalism, media, fundraising and development.

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