Women Artists

ARTH-A358 — Spring 2019

A colorful geometric pattern designed by artist Sonia Delaunay.
Michelle Facos
Days and Times
MW 5:45-8:15 p.m.
Course Description

Women have often been overlooked in the story of Western Art. Many of their works are lost or unknown, making it difficult to study their work. In recent years, scholars have worked to restore this lost chapter of our cultural heritage. We will look at some of the best known women artists, try to understand how their achievements fit in to the time and place that they worked, and examine some of the ethical, social, and political issues that arise as a result of this strange situation where a significant history has been suppressed. We will begin in the Middle Ages, but emphasis is on the 20th century. Grading will be based on 3 non-cumulative quizzes and a take-home final. Required texts: Whitney Chadwick’s Women, Art, and Society and Nancy Heller’s Women Artists.