“Translation and Architecture”

Special issue, Art in Translation

“Translation and Architecture”
Jeffrey Saletnik
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Edited by Karen Koehler, Hampshire College and Jeffrey Saletnik, Indiana University Bloomington.

“Essays [in this special issue of the journal Art in Translation on “Translation and Architecture”] address several different historical moments, circumstances, and formats (including various kinds of structures, images, and texts) during, in, and through which translation has facilitated understanding of built form. … [A]uthors concentrate on objects that in some way elucidate how buildings, texts, and things are agents that are translated. Indeed, in the world of the architected, these objects assume tremendous responsibility insofar as they simultaneously function on the one hand autonomously, but also as document, substitution, and means of conveyance on the other: they perform a compensatory action, as do the translations of written texts, which are always approximations. … [T]hese, often portable, currencies also have enabled visual, spatial, and temporal translations, the parameters of which have been shaped by geography, by function, by economies, and by cultural and ideological obligations.”


Koehler, Karen and Jeffrey Saletnik, eds. “Translation and Architecture.” Special issue, Art in Translation vol. 10, no. 1 (March 2018): 1-142.