Ted Stamm's 1972 Reset

Ted Stamm's 1972 Reset
Jeffrey Saletnik
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Edited by Justus F. Kewenig and Cinta Villapadierna-Kewenig.

This new monograph on the work of this American artist is the most comprehensive published to date. Examining Ted Stamm’s series and artistic language through essays by renowned scholars that place his work in the context of its time and discuss his contribution to the art historical canon, it provides an in-depth insight into Stamm’s multifaceted oeuvre.


Saletnik, Jeffrey. "Ted Stamm's 1972 Reset" // "Ted Stamms Neustart 1972." Ted Stamm: Series, edited by Justus F. Kewenig and Cinta Villapadierna-Kewenig, 82-89; 231-33. Berlin: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2023.