Classical Art and Archaeology

A206 — Fall 2024

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Julie Van Voorhis
Myers Hall 130
Days and Times
TuTh 9:45-11:00 am
Course Description

This course is an introductory survey of classical art and archaeology from the Bronze Age in Greece to the height of the Roman Empire. The course is divided into three parts: pre-classical Greece, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. The readings and course lectures will combine the study of the major monuments of classical art with an examination of archaeological methods and practices, both past and present. We will both examine the objectives of archaeological research and discuss how archaeologists interpret and reconstruct the past from excavated artifacts. We will also explore the works of art within their broader historical and social contexts, with a focus on the relationship between art and religion, politics, social identity and status, trade and the economy, and everyday life. Contemporary issues in archaeology, including questions of authenticity, repatriation and the impact of illegal trade in antiquities, and modern reconstructions of the past in art and film will also be addressed.